Chapter 3: its dawn (rise of an angel)

..see, its happening what you’ve been told – despite of how dark the night is, the sunshine will destroy it, no matter how long will it take, the light will come and save those who held their grounds, fought the silence of darkness and kept their faith. your faith is getting stronger, feel it – breath it, smile it, and prepare yourself to walk like a champion, who survived the darkness of night,. come out from the shell in which you kept yourself alone and found a friend there – YOURSELF. welcome the days of strength and wisdom. be there to help those who are loosing the battle against misfortunes and hopelessness. fight along with them against such curses – become the angel whom they need, tell them your tale – help them find the friend, hidden inside them, let them become the angel they need, teach them how to fight back when they are scared, stay with them in those times, and when they finally find the friend in themselves, when they are ready to face the outer world, don’t let them get dependant, take your way with a smile on your face – let their faith tell them, when its dawn – “see, its happening what you’ve been told”

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Chapter 2: life of a gipsy (a condition or a curse?)

..and the unrest continues, an emotional voyage in search of an identity, a phsycological expedition, a war on an unseen battle-field, a price which can not be paid, with echoes from the past and voices from the future, the hunger for that peace which a baby-sleep has, those blood-tears and the screams from all the shatered dreams, a race with no pit-stop, a marathon without a finish-line, seems like to be a deja’vu with similar differences, interesting to watch all the desires in a quick-sand of distrust and hypocrisy, coz thats how – the unrest continues..